Mobile Marketing: Smarter Phones and Better Technology

Ericsson report:

In more detail, the mobile data growth patterns reveal that the quality of a smartphone affects which applications people use and the length of time they surf the mobile internet. As defined by Ericsson, an active smartphone user generates more than 1 MB traffic per day.

Factors including screen size, age and price of the smartphone have a stronger correlation with median traffic than OS (iPhone-iOS, Android, Symbian, etc). It is notable that in North America, high-end smartphones generate twice the traffic than comparable smartphones at the operators analyzed in Asia and Europe.

Ericsson has found that among heavy users, the cumulative data generated by video is significantly higher than for other activities. The top 5 to 10 percent of smartphone users are willing to spend up to 40 minutes a day watching online video. However, the average user spends about 30 seconds a day watching online video.

With the advent of 4G LTE technology, load times of mobile websites are becoming faster and faster. Even Sprint is dropping WiMax for it.

So what exactly should a marketer be concerned with when it comes to mobile? Maintaining brand reputation and building upon it, or illicit a direct response to a call-to-action? Or should it be something in the middle?

Since mobile devices are with consumers at all times nowadays, it seems not only perfect for ads but it is also somewhat imperative. The mobile medium is a great direct response channel and it can also be used to figure out who is the most loyal of them all for your brand, an evangelist if you will.

Don’t forget about the Millenials (teens) either, they are consuming 49% of mobile internet data amongst each other. Their consumption of the internet is growing at a faster rate than their usage of short media service (SMS) messaging.

Campaigns can be custom tailored to time-poor consumers and other demographics can be targeted specifically by location or by the content they consume the most. With geo-social services like foursquare and Gowala, geo-demographic targeting has never been easier.

If marketers can see the value in consumers’ demand for an immediate action and can then deliver on it effectively through this medium, they can elicit exceptional direct response rates.

An example would be in my last write-up about QR codes, any consumer who scans the qr code on one of the many the outdoor ads about Victorias Secret’s newest lingerie line will be revealed the completed image and from their, they can go directly to the mobile version of their website.

With the increasing demand for smartphones and tablets, marketers can effectively engage with their audience by introducing ads in videos, apps, and/or games. However, if the content is not relevant, marketers run the risk of turning their audience off. Paying close attention to consumers’ consumption habits during the data scrubbing process of the research period is of the utmost importance.

If done properly, brand loyalists and those who are quick to respond to a call-to-action won’t mind the occasional ad that comes up. Bear in mind that mobile marketing is still in its infancy, their is no right or wrong way to market through this medium.

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