Target’s Black Friday 2011 Campaign

“The Christmas Champ,” who is Target’s ultimate shopper, has returned this year and is stronger than ever. She is taking Twitter by storm tweeting with her followers and begging Target to let her through the doors early this year.

The difference between this year and last year is that not only is she having conversations and begging but “She’ll be tweeting new digital ads and content with tips for shopping on Black Friday, as well as interacting directly with fans by responding to their comments,” says Jessica Carlson, Target’s senior producer of media production. According to Carlson, the champ’s social media presence has increased with more tweets and interaction with her followers.

The Champ’s Twitter account is doing what Old Spice didn’t do, interacting with its followers. The level of engagement is quite astounding. Given that there are 5,414 following the Champ, her entire stream is almost exclusively composed of her responding to anyone who mentions her (or tagged the tweet with #targetchat). The exceptions, of course, are the well-placed ads.

Target’s YouTube channel even has a special section just for her. You can see all of her… cough, their… their videos HERE.

Target’s website dedicated for the 2-Day Sale is also something to be noticed. Not only is their social media campaign a success, but the ecommerce side of things is quite the success too.

On the landing page they have a countdown timer (days only), the ability to sign up for updates about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can opt for email messages or mobile messages. The only catch is that you must be 13 years of age or older.

Happy Shopping!

Image Credit: Wieden + Kennedy

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