How Pinterest Fits With Conversational Marketing

Who is on Pinterest?!

I know I was checking my email frequently waiting to get my invitation to join! I have been checking it out and pinning things every so often since I joined but haven’t plunged into the addiction just yet!

While the focus of Pinterest isn’t self-promotion, meaning, unlike Twitter and Facebook, etiquette is for companies/brands not to post pictures of your product rather share images of the lifestyle your product has. For example, a food store, instead of sharing images of the products they sell, should share recipes that incorporate their products. Also use Pinterest to share your company culture. Share images of what it is like around your office, of your employees, office mascot, etc.

How does this fit into Conversational Marketing™? It fits perfectly! Conversational Marketing is focused on having a conversation with the consumer not forcing a message at them. Pinterest allows companies to share more than just their product but allows companies to give a more human aspect to their products. It allows the consumer to see into the people behind the product, see how the company functions, and then see the product in use.

Pinterest also enables the consumer the ability to share feedback and have a conversation with the company. By pinning or repinning images, it is providing the company with insights on what consumers like and don’t like. The best part of it all, is that everything is done on a volunteer basis. There is no need to pay anything for this straight-from-the-trenches feedback. These are just a few ways Pinterest is a great addition to Conversational Marketing™.

What are you thoughts on how Pinterest has helped the evolution of Conversational Marketing™?

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